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MATH 3175 Group Theory Fall 2010 Answers to Problems on Practice Quiz 5 1. Prove, by comparing orders of elements, that the following pairs of groups are not isomorphic: (a) Z 8 Z 4 and Z 16 Z 2. There is an element of order 16 in Z 16 Z 2, for instance, (1;0), but no element of order 16 in Z 8 Z 4. (b) Z 9 Z 9 and Z 27 Z 3. There is an element ...
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MATH 54 QUIZ 7 SOLUTIONS MAR 19, 2014 GSI: MINSEON SHIN (Last edited March 20, 2014 at 3:45pm.) Problem 1. Find an invertible matrix P and a matrix C of the form a b b a such that A = 3 5 2 5 has the form A= PCP 1. Solution. The characteristic polynomial of Ais det(A tI) = det 3 t 5
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Math 54 quiz solutions October 28, 2009 1 Find the equation y= 0 + ... the solution is 1 0 401 = 46 112 4012 4 6 25 = 24 28 = 3=5 7=10 : So, the line of best- t is y ...
Quiz #25 (due Thu 5/4 1:00pm), solution. Exams: Midterm 1 ; solutions . Midterm 2 ... You must have taken CS 61A, Math 1A and Math 1B (or equivalents). If you ... MATH 54 QUIZ 3 SOLUTIONS 3 Now notice that y2x2= (y x)(y + x), and y3x3= (y 2x)(y +xy+x2), and so you can ‘factor’ out (y x) from the second row: det(A) = 1 x x2x3 0 (y x) (y x)(y +x) (y x)(y2+yx+x2) 0 z 2x z2x z3x3 Learn math 54 with free interactive flashcards. Choose from 215 different sets of math 54 flashcards on Quizlet.
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